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Friday, Nov. 17th @ 7pm at ECCT

Encouraging teens to share their gifts to benefit their community

The Chippewa Valley Teen Talent Contest exists to help teenagers gain vision for using their gifts to be a blessing to others. Whether it is entertaining their siblings, bringing joy to the elderly, inspiring the public, or serving in church, we want teens to see that sharing their talent can greatly impact their community.

1st Place:  $500 Cash Prize 2nd Place: $250 Cash Prize 3rd Place:  $100 Cash Prize

Submission Deadline: Oct. 29th Finalists announced: Nov. 1st


Who can enter?

Individual or groups of High School aged teens from the greater Chippewa Valley. Parents, siblings, or other participants are welcome to perform, if the act is highlighting the talent of a teen contestant.


What talent can I share?

Any talent you can demonstrate within 4-6 minutes on a stage. (Example: singing, dancing, rapping/ spoken word, bands, stand-up, martial arts).


What are the guidelines? 

Special interest will be given to acts that engage the audience, and to contestants that are using their gifts to serve in their community. Content must be appropriate for all ages and cannot contain vulgar, predatory, hateful or suggestive content, or promote the use of illegal drugs. Contestants will be disqualified if any of these inappropriate aspects are in their presentation.


How do I enter?

Submit information on this page, including a 60-90 second video of the contestant introducing themselves and demonstrating part of the act that they will be sharing.


When will I know? Finalists will be notified November 1st of their participation in the live performance on Nov. 17th

Please share 2 names of community members (not your family members) who can attest to you sharing your gifts in the community and seeing the impact it has. (It is courtesy to get their permission to use them as references).

Please submit a jpg or PDF of the video/photo release form for each participant. If below the age of 18, a parent/guardian signature is required.

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By pressing submit, I agree that any of the submitted content may be used by CollECtive Arts in promotion of this event.

Thank you! We'll be in touch.

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