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Artist's Access

Cultivate your creativity

Musicians, visuals artists, dancers, writers. No matter your expression, Artist Access at the CollECtive Arts Center gives adult creatives a hub for practice, collaboration and community.  

Amenities include 3 practice rooms, prayer room, 2 bathrooms, kitchen with storage available, 2 rehearsal areas, dance studio, lounge/visual arts area, stage with lights and sound, music instrument library, and recording studio.

With punch code key access, you'll be able to use the building with or without a reservation, when convenient for you.

$90/mo with reduced rate options with volunteerism.  


Apply today! 

Loud hours include 9am-9pm outside of program hours and scheduled events*

* Conversational hours are from 7-9am and 9-11pm outside of program hours and scheduled events

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Quesitons? Ask us here.

Thanks for submitting!

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